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Laughter Therapy & Counter-Intuitive HealingTM

About This Course:

Are you:~

~ Looking for transformative and little-known techniques for relieving stress while restoring joyful well-being?

~ Wanting to cultivate a feeling of liveliness and presence, that can help you to anchor a more joyful approach into your everyday life?

~ Wanting to know how to shift your mind and mood more quickly when you get stuck, with tools that are readily available any time of the day or night?Then you are in the right place!

Cultivate your resilience and resourcefulness in this fun and creative course!

What You'll Learn:

~ How to shift into a joyful state through experiencing a Laughter Therapy class ~ with guided meditations for well-being, sitting and standing laughter exercises, time to dance to your favorite songs, and you'll come back to center, feeling lighter, freer, and better able to integrate your experience, bringing this sense of joy with you as you re-enter the world.

~ You'll truly understand how laughter helps to heal your mind and body ~ We'll explore the latest research findings on the therapeutic value of laughter and how you can integrate these benefits into your daily life in a useful way!

~ You'll experience 8 ways that you can readily bring laughter into your everyday life ~ to break the routines you experience, to create more connection with your loved ones, and to bring more novelty and amusement into your everyday life!

~ Use humor to strengthen your relationships and especially your love relationship ~ You'll gain insights into how and why this works through science, with specific examples you can readily use, so you're not wondering how you can benefit from it. You'll also learn how to create more connection while diffusing stressful situations in satisfying ways.

~ You'll learn the little-known concept of Counter-Intuitive Healing, which can help you to interrupt distressing thoughts and emotions in a playful way, redirecting your mind to a more balanced and harmonious position. You'll explore how to anchor this practice into your everyday life by creating supportive peer alliances. 

~ Additional Resources are included to help you grow further:

- The benefits of laughter for mind, body, and relationships

- 15 resources to immediately bring humor into your everyday life in unique ways

- 12 resources, humorous and psychological, to help strengthen your relationship

- Humorous video suggestions on the differences between men and women & how to integrate the insights

- Resources for funny videos and TV shows that many people find funny and may relate to

- 6 resources to help you integrate the concept of Counter-Intuitive Healing

- Peer support models that may appeal to you, and more!

What Makes This Course Unique?

~ Laughter Therapy & Counter-Intuitive Healing have not been brought together before or in this way. The concept of Counter-Intuitive Healing is an old one, that has largely been lost from the public's awareness in recent years. We'll explore it in a way that will make it practically useful for you, taking it out of the realm of abstract concept and into the realm of everyday helpful tool for creating wellness.

~ The Laughter Therapy section is inspired by Laughter Yoga, but we go further here to share how you can not only experience a Laughter Therapy class yourself, but also explore 8 ways that you can infuse laughter into your everyday life, and enhance your relationships!

~ While most classes and instructors are busy just recycling the same exact information offered by other current instructors, this course brings you a unique perspective on how to apply these once abstract concepts and research into your everyday life, to enhance your well-being and relationships.

~ Your instructor, Dianne Fanti, has been teaching in community settings since 1993 and has uniquely integrated the healing and expressive arts in a way where they combine to teach how to build essential life skills and improve a sense of well-being. This is not only verified by testimonials, but by data collection! Students who use her programs have reported improved stress biomarkers, like blood pressure, heart rate, and other variables.


This course is for the public and the only requirement is a willingness to learn.

About the Instructor:

Dianne Fanti, M.S., is a Best-Selling Author, Mentor, and a Trainer of helping professionals internationally. She has been teaching the public in community settings since 1993 and professionals since 2010, now internationally. She offers original programs that synthesize and distill nearly 30 years of study in the healing and expressive arts and holistic health sciences. Her courses teach students how to build essential life skills and discover their unique purpose, so they can cultivate a life that is more fulfilling and sustainable. She holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in branches of the Holistic Health Sciences and more than 10 certificates in the healing and expressive arts.Having discovered the value of the healing and expressive arts when going through a significantly challenging time in adolescence, she has devoted her life to making these abstract and elusive concepts readily applicable for people in their everyday life in a way that actually changes people's lives and creates transformation. While most of the research that's been done on the value of the healing and expressive arts has been done in environments outside of the strains and pressures of the real world, her data has been collected in community centers since 1993.

Join now and begin your Laughter Therapy & Counter-Intuitive Healing journey today!