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Gain tools for building resilience & emotional well-being, and skills for successful living!

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RESET for WellnessTM

Continuing Education


How would you like to engage your clients and help them to make noticeable improvements with an easy to use and proven system? This science-backed and field-tested program is a Continuing Education and Continuing Professional Development training. This course can help you to avoid burnout and improve your health and well-being as you help your clients! It includes evidence-based techniques that are backed by medical, psychological, and social work research and verified by data collection. This program uses a creative approach to building essential skills, which is especially useful for engaging clients who are recovering from trauma and/or who don't respond well to traditional therapies. It is designed for mental health and helping professionals like Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, School Psychologists, Social Workers, Holistic RN's, etc. This program is pending approval by the National Association of Social Workers.

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Dianne: Mentoring,

Consulting and Coaching

If you're looking for a unique approach to cultivating peak performance, this may be exactly what you're looking for! Dianne is especially gifted at helping people to identify their unique life purpose so they can build a life that they love. She also helps professionals to more deeply integrate the RESET for Wellness Method into their center or organization for optimal results.

"Dianne has been instrumental in helping me discover my strengths and resetting priorities to be able to achieve a new path in life. After speaking with Dianne my life goals are now more in focus without the clouds of judgement and bias. Some walk the path of life without the correct support system and it takes time to have focused conversation to aid in those healthy decisions without the interference of the old ideas and support system. She has been an incredible supporter and cheerleader for me to make the tough decisions while moving forward in life. 

Not only has Dianne become a coach for me she is also a great advocate.

It has been an honor to know Dianne and with her support, I feel much stronger and the possibilities seem endless. I am truly blessed having Dianne Fanti in my life." ~ Ann Rey, R.N. 

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Programs for the Public

Whether you're looking to help yourself or help others, there's something here for you!

Laughter Therapy & Counter-Intuitive Healing ~ Did you know that laughter has been researched since the 1960's for its benefits to our health? In this online course, you'll learn how to use humor to promote well-being, strengthen your relationships, and infuse your life with joy! This course includes insights by neurologist Dr. Viktor Frankl and has been taken by more than 100 students in 39 countries. 

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Sharing Free Resources ~ If you want to help others in your community but are at a loss to know how and where to start, this may be for you! Head over to the Free Resources available to discover ways that you can help those who are marginalized or are under-served in your area. 

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Game & Books

You'll find links to Dianne's best-selling Amazon inspirational book and educational books & game.

Days of Gold, Nights of Silver is an inspirational art book with original poems and paintings from our community and favorite world prayers of readers.

You're Uniquely Aimed is a book that explores journaling for healing and discovering your life's purpose.

Shores of Success an educational game that helps children build 5 essential skills: creative problem-solving, task management, goal setting, self-care, and social skills. It includes 15 resources for families from a PhD educational psychologist. Click here to learn more.

Articles & Blog

Access articles with actionable wisdom from the healing and expressive arts, psychology, and holistic health sciences, that you can apply to enhance your life and relationships.

Recent topics include:

"Using Humor to Strengthen Your Relationship," and "In Bypassing Our Limiting Beliefs, We Can Do More Than We Think!"

Read the article "Laughter: The

Best Medicine" that Dianne was

interviewed for

Introductory eBook

Cultivate a growth mindset with guided prompts and exercises that interrupt limited thinking and support peak performance in this guided journal and workbook! Use tips from psychology and science to help you overcome limitations and achieve your goals. 

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Expand Your Resume & Repertoire with Pioneering Techniques

Did you know that the wellness industry has grown by 18% in recent years, and this trend is projected to continue? You'll become a part of this growing movement by adding RESET for Wellness to your repertoire and resume with our proven method. Gain an unfair advantage with a field-tested and research-based method that includes evidence-based techniques and is based on nearly 30 years of experience. Explore RESET for Wellness

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RESET for WellnessTM

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RESET for WellnessTM

has been taught to helping professionals at the Florida

American Holistic Nurses Association of Broward County, as well as the staff of

Baltimore Crisis Response, Inc., and to mental health professionals internationally!


"An advanced body of knowledge"

"Dianne Fanti brings a depth of experience and an advanced body of knowledge to her teaching skills and the curriculum that she has created. Her use of guided meditations, breathing and centering techniques help to calm participants agitated minds and brings them closer towards a central brain balance. She has also uniquely integrated essential life skills within the expressive arts, in a format that's fun, engaging, clever, and wise. I would highly recommend her RESET for Wellness Educational Program."

Dr. Paula Schmidt, PhD, Educational Psychologist

"I have found the exercises extremely helpful"

"I have used the RESET for Wellness System throughout my practice, while working with both children and adults. No matter what age or demographic, I have found the exercises extremely helpful as they provide clinicians with practical tools to implement interventions that aid the client's mental health recovery process. I have appreciated learning these new techniques and find that they enhance what I'm able to offer my clients."

Grace Olivieri, LMSW